Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I Want Now: Flannel + Sequins Edition

Flannel and sequins may be as close as we get in fashion to diametric opposites.

And yet, lately I've been on a determined search for both.

The flannel has a wonderfully American-inspired, borrowed-from-the boys look that is perfectly cozy for fall days. It's can be worn with anything from leggings and boots, to skinny jeans and Keds, to a flirty skirt and tights.

Some of my requirements for a great flannel shirt include a deliberately-boxy shape, classic color schemes, oh, and a reasonable price (I mean, it is just a flannel).

Here's an extremely affordable option. How I love Forever 21.

This color scheme is great because it emphasizes the American-inspired look of the flannel.

Probably the best flannel shirt I've found. It comes in great colors, and I love how sturdy the fabric looks.

A silk button-down with a modern plaid design. It doesn't get much better than this.

And the sequins? While I used to run from anything that packs this much sparkle, deeming it tacky and outdated, I now find sequins, when they're done right, to be irresistibly chic.

Sequined items need to look glamourous, but in the elegant, non-showgirl-y way. I tried to find pieces that wouldn't break the bank, but it's pretty tough, especially since the trend requires that your sequins look luxe, not cheap.

If only I could afford this Vince shirt. I love the relaxed silhouette coupled with the sparkle factor.

This is a less expensive option, and is a great layering piece.

This top is downright beautiful and is detailed enough to be worn alone or paired with a fantastic jacket.

A sequined crop top is so amazing. Extra points if you pair it with something as casual as sweatpants.

When these two forces combine, the result is unquestionably cool.
I love the traditional flannel mixed with the flashiness of these ridiculously amazing pants.

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