Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soft Rocks

photos: Vogue Germany December 2010 
Obsessing over the combination of heavy sweaters, gorgeously sumptuous maxi skirts, bedhead hair, jewelry everywhere, and grungy boots. These looks are everything I want this season: drama, texture, femininity, and toughness. 

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  1. In honor of this being from Vogue Germany...

    Ich liebe die grosse Pullover!!! Ich will in die kuscheln--besonders in die erste und dritte Fotos... Ich wünsche, dass ich diese Mode tragen könnte, aber ich denke sie komisch aussehen würde.

    Oh and PS my own personal translation of the front page of the spread "Rough knit tops with large skirts--a soft but strong mixture." In case you were wondering...


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