Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Answer to My Prayers

I woke up this morning to a gift from my dearest Madewell in the form of an email announcing their newest arrival.

The brand has created the perfect high-rise jeans, which is no small feat, considering the fact that I've been scouring all my usual haunts for a pair like these.

I'm always looking to expand my collection of jeans, but I try not to buy pairs like those I already own. The high-rise is a type I've been searching for to add to my straight legs, bootcuts, jeggings, and flares.

The high-waisted jean offers so many things that other jeans just can't. It can dress up otherwise plain outfits, provide glamour in an unexpected place, and add a touch of retro to any look. Plus, the jeans add emphasis to tops, drawing the eye to a higher place on the body than do lower-rise jeans. I especially want to couple them with my cropped tops and sweaters.

Madewell's new jeans fit all of my qualifications for a high-rise pair: the wash is simple (read: versatile), the cut is (or at least appears to be) extremely flattering, and they're not so tight or so stretchy as to look like jeggings (a problem I've run into with stores like Urban Outfitters).

I cannot get to Madewell fast enough to try these on. I can only hope that the fit is as fabulous as it looks.

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