Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Even though I've always seen Topshop pieces in magazines, polyvore sets, and blogs, for some reason I've never taken the time to peruse the website. Maybe it was because I felt that the store, which until recently only had locations Europe, was so very far away that I'd never have the chance to see the clothes the way they ought to be seen--in real life. Well, now that Topshop has a location in New York, I have no excuse. I had to get educated.

The first thing I noted when scouring the website is the sheer volume of inventory that Topshop produces. Seriously, it's amazing. There is an unbelievable amount of not just clothing, but bags, shoes, makeup, and jewelry, too. They have clothes for every kind of girl: classic, trendy, casual, and glamorous.

I'm astounded by the craftsmanship, quality, and style of the clothing. Not to mention the prices, which are extremely reasonable given the beautiful, rich-looking quality of the clothes.

One of my favorite collections from this season is The Outsiders, which uses classic heritage fabrics to evoke country girl cool.

I could never possibly look through the entire TopShop inventory, but here's a few things I stumbled upon that I fell in love with.

This 90s-esque corduroy dress, with its autumny print and babydoll silhouette, is a must-have. Perfect for wearing over tights!

I've been wanting a 60's inspired shift dress for some time now, and I love the length of the sleeves and subtle embellishment on this one

My roommate and I have been searching for a cropped sweater for this fall. This one is perfect.

lace + backless + cropped + boatneck = amazing

I found it: the perfect faux-fur vest (re: my last post)! 

It's obviously time to start planning my next trip to New York.

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