Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Luxembourg Gardens

{Madewell skirt and tee, J.Crew ballet flats, Urban Outfitters watch, Flea Market Girl necklace, Ray-Ban sunglasses}

These photos were taken on my recent trip to Paris, in the Luxembourg Gardens. Although I had visited Paris before, I hadn't stopped at the gardens before, and I have to say, I was mystified. They are absolutely stunning, just like the rest of the city.

The weather in Paris was ridiculously perfect, so I was finally able to break out the spring clothing I brought abroad with me. I picked up this skirt at Madewell right before I left the U.S. I have a serious thing for pleats, so although I have a vintage version of this skirt that could be its twin sister, I couldn't resist this art deco-inspired piece. I love the juxtaposition of its neutral color palette and fun mix of stripes and polka dots. 

More outfit posts and tumbling from my trip to Paris to come! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


{vintage blazer via Shareen's, Urban Outfitters hat and flannel, J.Crew cords, Madewell boots, Flea Market Girl necklace, MK watch}

To say that I'm getting a little tired of the clothes I have here in Amsterdam is quite the understatement. Although I packed my two suitcases to the absolute brim (space bags were utilized, and I was well over the 50 pound limit), I feel like I have fully exhausted all outfit options-- twice over. Part of the problem is that I really didn't have a lot of cold-weather clothes to begin with; living in Los Angeles, and previously, Austin, doesn't exactly necessitate a warm wardrobe.

But, since I'm pretty much stuck with the clothes I have here, it's time to start putting the powers of re-mixing to work. Now that we're no longer experiencing Siberian temperatures, it's almost bearable to wear, say, a blazer instead of a coat (at least during the peak-warm temperatures of the day, after which I have to retreat to my home to put on another layer), like I did with this outfit. Though I'm by no means a hat person, this accessory was perfect for adding a little something, since I've worn all of the other items excessively since I arrived here. I also tried to mix up as much texture as possible: flannel, tweed, corduroy, and leather. 

The result? An outfit that feels refreshingly new, instead of one that I've put on too many times to count. Plus, it fits in with the androgynous vibe I've been seeing in a lot of the street style here that I have really come to covet. 

P.S. I've gotten quite a few emails regarding my header, which was created by my friend Jessie. She just started her own blog, which showcases her amazing work. You should most definitely click on over to check it out, right here

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

London Calling

{Pins & Needles via Urban Outfitters coat, vintage dress from Shareen's, Madewell boots, J.Crew necklace, Michael Kors, Coach purse}

I wore this outfit last weekend on a trip to London. These pictures were taken on Brick Lane, a street that transforms into an amazing vintage shopping destination on Sundays. Brick Lane plays host to tons of vendors selling all kinds of vintage beauties. I spent the day searching for a vintage Barbour jacket, and although there were many to be seen, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.

I picked up this coat at the Urban Outfitters post-Christmas sale (if you've never been, you're missing out) for $15. I absolutely love the red and black plaid that makes this coat such a fun statement piece.

The fashion in London is utterly fabulous. I wanted to photograph so many impeccably-dressed women all over the city. I'm eagerly awaiting my return in just about a week!

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