Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's no denying it...

I'm a Madewell addict. The following, as much as I try to contain myself, will probably sound like an advertisement.

I love everything about this company. My closet is filled with their clothing, and I even worked there this past summer.  For the last three years, since they first launched their store in Austin, I have been following the line's every move. Almost everything they produce, I covet.

The brand was founded in 1937 as a workwear company, and its origins have definitely influenced its products today--the clothing is extremely well-made and retains a classic sense of style while incorporating fresh trends. Madewell markets itself primarily as a purveyor of amazing jeans, but their slouchy tees, classic boots, vintage-inspired jewelry, lovely dresses, and elegant tops are also among my favorites. Plus, they recently launched a collaborative collection with the it-girl herself, Alexa Chung, which sold out online in minutes. And why wouldn't it have, with its darling peter pan collars, high waisted jeans, and velveteen frocks? We Madewell devotees clearly just can't get our hands on it fast enough. Even lines like Paige and Earnest Sewn have jumped on the bandwagon, creating jeans just for Madewell.

Alright, enough gushing. Fall is my favorite season for Madewell, because they typically get everything--and I mean everything--right. The most perfect coats and boots, super soft knits, menswear-inspired sweaters, and even adorable socks for your ankle booties or fall sandals (speaking of which, they make a ridiculously chic pair that my roommate has been coveting for months).

That being said, walking into Madewell right now is almost a painful experience, as I want everything in the store, but can't afford more than a few items here and there. Below are a few of my favorites from the current collection:

bohemian yet flirty dress

The fabulous return of the high waisted jean. Now if only they would make a trouser pair....

Anything in this lush olive color is perfect for fall. Especially this effortless dress.

a flouncy skirt with just enough sparkle for the holidays

 These polished, high-waisted jean shorts are amazingly versatile. And the button-down is perfect too.

I've been craving ladylike shorts, especially to wear with tights/high socks for the fall.

An uptown bag with downtown details. I'm in love.

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