Thursday, October 21, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Every year, I'm faced with the jacket dilemma. When I lived in Texas, at least I knew that the weather would at some point be chilly enough to necessitate a substantial article of outerwear. But in LA, it's a gamble. With the weather constantly changing, it feels like you need a different type of jacket every day. So which ones do you buy?

Of course, my problem is that each year around this time I go gaga for every piece of outerwear I see, no matter whether it's weather-appropriate. Right now, I'm especially drawn to military-detailed peacoats, oversized anoraks, flanel/plaid anything, capes....oh, and did I mention that I'm also lusting after a Penny Lane-esque furry vest? Yep, I'm all over the map this season. 

J. Crew does peacoats best. I love the big gold buttons on this one. And I can't ever say no to anything navy.

This minimalist cinched anorak is an extremely versatile,  lightweight option.

I've been loving camel everything lately. The wide, easy shape of this cape is undeniably chic.

If only I had gone to NYU...then I would need this coat. Despite its outdoorsy functionality, it manages to retain dramatic appeal. The red flannel print is the perfect pop of color for any winter outfit.

I'm loving the cozy yet statement-making feel of a fur vest. I'd add high-waisted jeans and chunky heels for a 70's feel.

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