Monday, June 20, 2011

West Side Story

{Vintage dress and purse, J. Crew wedges, Sam Moon earrings, gifted bangle, Jane Hollinger Bracelet, Chanel lipstick in Rebelle}
{shop similar dress}
Wearing what is probably my favorite vintage find ever, this 1940's minidress. For some reason, the print and silhouette completely remind me of the Puerto Rican vibe of West Side Story.

I'm currently working my way through one of my summer resolutions--to try 10 new Los Angeles restaurants. On this particular evening, we dined at #3, La Loteria Mexican Grill. So far we've also tried out Cha Cha Chicken (Venice)--the best Carribean food ever--and The Belmont (West Hollywood) whose Mint Teajito is the best drink I've ever had. All three places are must-visits! 

My weekend, besides trying out two new restaurants, consisted of taking the leap from my blackberry to an iphone (the verdict: I'm obsessed), shopping with my dad for some cool new duds on father's day, taking some much-needed naps, and seeing Beginners, which I loved. 

How was your weekend?


  1. omg this dress is beyond adorable love the colors too!! and the lipstick just takes it over the top! xo

  2. You look so pretty and I really love the print and the length of your dress! xoxoxoo

  3. so jealous of that dress!! too cute!

  4. girl, you are so pretty! i am jealous of your flawless skin, and ability to pull off red lipstick! :)


  5. How adorable are you?! Your dress really does have the sassy vibe of one of the gals from West Side Story, and I love the way you've styled it with big ol' earrings and simple wedges. I'm beyond glad I stumbled across your blog today and am looking forward to future posts. <3

  6. You look super pretty in this dress!! I love your photos, and your shoes are fantastic!!

    ~Kirstin Marie

  7. That dress is stunning! You're rocking that length beautifully, and your hair is perfect with the vibe of the print and silhouette. And the close-ups: SO CUTE!

  8. This dress is beyond FABulous! I want!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  9. What a perfect colour combo on you! You look awesome!



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