Thursday, June 23, 2011


{American Apparel shirt, J. Crew skirt and necklace, Jessica Simpson wedges, Michael Kors watch, Jane Hollinger bracelet, gifted pearls}
When I realized that I had a shirt and skirt that were exactly the same color in my closet, I knew I had to figure out way to pair them together. There's something so chic about a one-color look. 

Confession: This shirt is about eight times too big. It is actually almost longer than the skirt. So I had to do some major tucking in. Can you tell that I rolled the sleeves up as well? They go down to my elbows, so I tried to hike them up in some sort of cap sleeve way, but I'm not so sure it worked. Oh well, this is about as DIY as I get! 

I was so honored to be featured in What Would A Nerd Wear's Recent Blog Love post yesterday. If you haven't checked out Tania's adorable blog, you must!



  1. if you're going into the salon any time soon, you should totally dye your hair!! i think this would be a great color :)

    super cute outfit. i may or may not have gotten those heels after seeing them featured here... :)

  2. I have that same skirt!!!! Love the idea of pairing it w/ a tshirt- I've mainly done it w/ blouses but this is a great look. Ps I clicked on the link "anonymous" posted... and O MY GAH your hair would look AMAZINGLY chic that color!! you do even do a "Before & After" post!! Do it do it!!!! :-]

  3. I love the skirt and I had no idea the sleeves were rolled-up until you mentioned it!

    I've also been loving the mono-chrome look that has been going around. I have a pair of orange-red j.crew shorts and I'm looking for the perfect matching shirt!

  4. I came here from Tania's blog which I adoooore so I figure I would adore your style too :D you sure do have some hair enthusiastic commentators and while most times I might disagree with people's suggestions... they're totally right. this hair color would look so chic & polished on you. so Vogue!! ahhhh wish I was living your life. like devil wears prada says "it's a job millions of girls would kill for" :D

    ps. your accessories are crave worthy!!!!! that watch is on my birthday list. adoreeee.

  5. I loooove that skirt, I've been coveting it for months now. And you know, you gotta make it work sometimes and this time it DEFINITELY works.

  6. To all my lovely hair commenters- I used to dye my hair super dark brown! I had to stop because my blondish hair would grow in and then I would look like I was going grey, and the upkeep was so expensive! Plus I'm trying to rock the ombre hair look for summer. But maybe once fall rolls around I'll try it again!

    @Varnish Vixen I have those shorts and I love them!

    @Sara Jane Elizabeth I bought the skirt on sale! You should see if it's at your J. Crew!

  7. Love the simple chicness of this outfit! I bought a similar skirt (not as cute as yours) from Target) and gave it to my sister...I might have to steal it back for a few days and try a similar look. :D

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  8. So in love with monochromatic look! And I am totally loving your blog. You are gorgeous. Now following.

    Ask the Duplex

  9. Beautiful outfit! I love the complements!.

  10. How completely awesome that you have these pieces that are exactly the same color?! So cute. Great job with the monochrome look!

    - Lauren

  11. Just started following your blog, and I'm definitely digging the the monochromatic look. I also think a palette of varying neutrals looks really classy together, but in the summertime, I just get carried away with all the bright colors. :)

  12. Well this is super cute! glad to have run into your bloggo!


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