Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pretty Things

{inner necklace: vintage, family heirloom / outer necklace: J.Crew}
I've been really into black statement-making jewelry lately-- it's so chic for nighttime (or day, when done right!). The necklace on the inside was a gift from my parents for Christmas- it was my Dad's grandmothers, and was passed down to my mom, and now me! It's made of beautiful jet stones. The outside necklace is one of my current favorite pieces from J.Crew. 

I'm so excited about this recent purchase (my first from JC Collection). For some odd reason, these pumps were on sale in-store for a very reasonable price, so even though they are completely impractical for my next five months in Amsterdam, I couldn't resist pulling the trigger on them. They are completely unlike anything I have, which makes them irresistible. Even worn with jeans, I instantly feel like Betty Draper when I put them on. 

I was in New York City all day today. It was freezing, but beautiful nonetheless. I was in the city for a really, really important interview (cross your fingers for me!). Now I'm headed to Washington D.C. for a few days for some quality time with a close friend. 

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