Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peachy Keen

{J. Crew shirt, shorts, and flats, Target belt, Madewell bangle, Michael Kors watch, gifted pearls}
Just a few quick photos of an outfit from the other day. I unintentionally ended up looking like an advertisement for J. Crew...I recently went on a little shopping spree there, so this is the effect. Their clothes just work so seamlessly with one another, it's hard not to wear them together. 
Sidenote--I bought the shorts my junior year of high school (4 years ago!). Crisp chinos are timeless.

 I wear this belt more than I'd like to admit...and I'm pretty sure it cost about $15, from Target naturally. A woven belt is genius because you can wear it at your waist or hips without having to worry about the sizing.

This shirt is one of the best fitting tops I have ever owned. I swear, it fits perfectly--in the arms, body, and shoulders. And I don't know about you, but when it comes to buying button-downs, the button placement is a critical factor for me. I need buttons that hit in all the right places, and this is one of the few shirts I've found that does.
And the shoes? I promise these photos don't do them justice. I never would have thought I'd want any type of shoe with ribbons woven into them (that's like, so middle school). But even though these are super-precious, I don't mind the girly-girl feel at all. Next I want to pair them with jean cutoffs for a little bit of a tougher vibe to go with my ballerina flats.

Say what you will about matchy-matchy-ness, but I love that the shoes and top are almost exactly the same color. This happy, peachy hue is just too hard to resist!

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