Thursday, February 10, 2011

In The Mix

{Piko 1988 sweater via Bejong and Deheg, Adam Lippes via Neiman Marcus skirt, Anthropologie shoes, Urban Outfitters watch, random earrings, J. Crew cocktail ring}
I had such fun putting this outfit together (wow, how nerdy did I just sound?), because I had been dying to wear the sweater and skirt, but had never thought to put them together. Then I tried it on a whim, and it worked! 

After searching everywhere for a cropped, heavy-knit sweater all winter long to no avail, I thought I had missed out on my chance. Then fate stepped in: I happened to pass by a random store's sidewalk sale the other day, and boom! It was love at first sight. The best part? This beauty was on sale for $10.  I've been playing with the skirt lately, trying to find something unexpected to pair with it, and this was the perfect fit. I was going for a modernized Man Men feel.

I've had these shoes for a while now, and though I rarely wear them, I absolutely love them. The stacked, thick heel, the t-strap, and the color blocking make for such a fun, retro-inspired shoe. They're also surprisingly versatile; I've worn them to interviews and out on the town, and the pop of color always gives my outfit some extra pizzaz. The t-strap shoe is one of my favorite styles--I'm on the hunt for more! On that note, I would give my left arm for these.  

What I loved about this outfit was the mash-up of textures--the way the chunky knit of the sweater mixed with the tweed and the leather waistband of the skirt (coolest detailing ever). 

knit + leather + tweed = texture heaven

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