Wednesday, July 20, 2011

White Eyelet

{Milly dress,  Jessica Simpson heels, vintage purse, Forever 21 and vintage bangles, gifted pearls, Covergirl lipstick in Fairytale}
Apologies for being such a bad blogger this week! I'm in the midst of trying to move out of my apartment, and it's gotten the best of me. I dare you to think of a task more annoying then moving. I've decided that moving is the worst part of college- you have to do it four times!

I bought this dress FOUR years ago, when I was going into my junior year of high school. While shopping with my mom, she had to persuade me to buy it (rough life, huh?), because I was convinced it was much too expensive (even on sale) to justify the purchase. Turns out, four years later, I'm still wearing it. Just goes to show that oftentimes in clothing, you get what you pay for. 

I believe white eyelet is one of those fabrics that never goes out of style. Here's another eyelet dress that is just perfect.

I'm really into wearing my hair in buns right now, alternating between the ballerina style and this messier, more unkempt version.

Dear Mom, if you are reading this, consider this a giant thank you for being such a wise shopper and teaching me all your tricks! 
Do share, what bits of wisdom did your mom teach you about shopping?


  1. AH! What a beautiful dress!

    One question: I've been dying for a pair of heels and those are PERFECT. Do they run true to size? Thank you!

  2. Loooove the dress! I'm on the hunt for a white summer dress but haven't found anything this cute yet. Was wondering - where, oh where, did the photo come from that is listed under your side column "craving"??? :)

  3. @Claire- they do!! I wear them ALL the time, they're a great buy.

    @Kori- from a website called "we heart it" :)

    thanks for the comments guys! xx

  4. This dress is too cute!! Love it on you and love it with the tan accessories.


  5. such a pretty dress, white lace is so beautiful on you :)


  6. I love eyelet pieces! Especially this dress : )

  7. Wow, thanks for the shout out! I remember purchasing this dress with you, one of many wonderful memories. What's great is that when daughters "grow up," they teach their mom's about fashion and style. Love you, Mom

  8. you look great!!love your dress

  9. I love white eyelet and now you've got me hunting one because it looks so fantastic on you! I totally agree about quality, classic pieces being worth the money!

  10. :) You are so right on a number of things in this post:

    1) Moving does suck. I just graduated, and moving is awful! Don't forget about moving after you graduate; it's surprising how much stuff you accumulate!
    2) That pattern is so classic in the summertime. I just rocked white eyelet, as well.

  11. I love that dress - so simple and chic! :-) I'm also really loving buns right now.

  12. That is one darling dress, Katherine!

    My mother has influenced a lot of what I wear and buy now, and is probably the reason why I favor a more classic style today than anything else!

  13. love your bag!


  14. I have the exact same dress but its ruffly at the top and low vneck sort of. Could i get away with wearing this in the winter for my birthday dinner? Or not?


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