Thursday, July 14, 2011

Red + Gold

{Urban Outfitters top (on sale for $5!), vintage skirt, J. Crew shoes and bracelet, Forever 21 bangles, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Rebelle}
I know what you're thinking: does this girl go ANYWHERE besides the roof of her apartment, ever?! In fact, I'm beginning to wonder the same thing myself. So let me say to you, I am deeply sorry you are seeing this backdrop for the zillionth time. I am quite bored of it myself! I do, however, have an excuse, which is that by the time my workday is over there's barely any light left, and the only place I can catch some rays for photos are on my roof. So there you have it. But let me say, after this long-winded explanation, that I will do my very best to avoid my rooftop as much as possible in the future. 

The last time I wore this skirt was for some errand-running, so I was excited to dress it up just a bit for work followed by dinner in Hollywood. All I had to do was tweak the last outfit by swapping the casual striped tank for a glitzier one and the flats for my new favorite heels, adding some glam jewelry, and viola! a new day to night quick-change outfit option.

I do have to admit...sometimes the sun is quite pretty on that roof. Maybe I am becoming just a little attached to it...


  1. I love where you take your pictures! I wish I had somewhere like that to take pictures--it has been an interesting journey for me trying to figure out where to take them and how to make it happen. I'm a big fan of consistency. :)


  2. At the sight of the first photo, I thought, "What a great view!" So don't stop using your rooftop for photo shoots. It looks great! And the last photo is beautiful!

  3. If I had a view like that I would use it all the time! The view of LA and the lighting are truly perfect!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  4. I actually love your rooftop :) Not many people get to see that awesome view everyday! My pictures are always around my yard so I'd take your rooftop over my yard any day! I want your red skirt- is so gorgeous!

  5. lovely outfit and crazy view! Seriously beautiful


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  6. I would have never thought of this color combo, but I love it!! I have a very similar bronze tank, I just need to track down some red bottomes!


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