Friday, July 29, 2011

It Was All Yellow

{vintage silk button-down via Shareen's, J. Crew skirt, Michael Kors watch, gifted pearls earrings, J. Crew shoes}
If you had told me a year (or probably even a month) ago that I would go out in public wearing yellow from head to toe, I would have laughed. But here I am, in all my mustard glory, and I am loving this cheery color.

It was obession at first sight for me with this shirt at Shareen's. I have been loving button-downs lately, as I've realized they feel equally chic with pencil skirts and jeans. But this one is so special, it's unlike any other I've seen! The handpainted flowers on it are just too cool.

Couldn't resist popping my collar.

Happy Friday! What are our big plans for the weekend? I'm planning on taking a trip to the lovely Huntington Library, checking out the Beauty Culture exhibit, and seeing Crazy Stupid Love (so embarrassingly excited for this one!).



  1. LOVE this look!!

    and I'm guessing the Coldplay lyric as your title... :)

    and the scenery on this "shoot" great.... it's very fantastical with the wind in the road!

  2. Oh my goodness your skirt is amazing! I love it pared with that top. Looking great!


  3. This is absolutely adorable! The yellow is such a flattering color on you, and very cheery. My favorite piece is the skirt - I would steal this in a heartbeat. Love it!

  4. I really love your top! It's so unique and beautiful. I love the HUntington Library- you can spend the whole day just wandering around and getting lost.

  5. Cute outfit! Love the yellow, and especially love those shoes!!
    Allie @ My WOREdrobe

  6. in the past i've also felt extremely cautious with yellow...i don't know why, but it scares me sometimes. you look dashing though! mad men chic in the best possible way.

  7. Love! Monochrome is so chic.


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