Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration Board

photos via Patterson Maker, Etsy, We Heart It
Every week, I collect photos from all my blog/website/tumblr surfing of the week. I save everything that I find beautiful in some way...and I save a lot of photos.

Here's a little sampling of everything that kept me inspired (craving, lusting, and obsessed) all week. 

Clockwise, from left- 
how to ride a bike looking effortlessly chic; one of my favorite words; the most gloriously light-filled room; a perfectly charming engagement ring; a taste of summer that leaves me wanting more; oh what I'd do to spend my spring break lounging like those girls; easy glamour from inside a cab; ladylike streetstyle; a ridiculously cute vintage J. Crew catalogue; the most scrumptious-looking breakfast sandwich of all time (well maybe not...but never underestimate the power of avocado)

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