Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Favorite Skirt

{vintage skirt from Shareen's, tank via Jane boutique, J.Crew bracelet, Flea Market Girl via Melrose Trading Post earrings}

I found this skirt during my last visit to Shareen's. It was one of those vintage finds that you feel is just destined to end up in your hands. The floral print, the navy hue, the high waist, the perfectly flared silhouette, and that delightful, teensy belt--this skirt is just too good to be true. Until this purchase, the term "cut on the bias" held a special place in my mind reserved for only the most awkward of my preteen clothing. But now... I'm a believer. 


  1. Cuuute! The skirt looks perfect on you :)

  2. yet again... I saw this skirt, fell in love, and scrolled down to find it's not something I can buy... :( LUCKY YOU!!!! :)


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