Wednesday, February 22, 2012


{vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Uniqlo shirt, J. Crew riding pants and coat, Madewell boots, Michael Kors watch}

As a study abroad student, I constantly avoid being labelled as a tourist by locals. Whenever an Amsterdammer begins speaking to me in Dutch, I am thrilled beyond belief. Unfortunately, the Dutch language is impossible to comprehend or mimic, so the jig is immediately up when I must sheepishly admit I don't speak the language.

But sometimes, and on this day in particular, I feel like my clothing is a dead giveaway: I'm an American. Here I'm wearing a vintage, mid-1980's Tommy Hilfiger sweater (stolen from my mom)-- something I'm shocked I've never worn here on the blog, as it's one of the most loved items in my closet. Combined with riding pants and classic leather boots, I feel quite true to my American roots in this prep-inspired getup.

more study abroad notes: here


  1. Love this outfit love those boots you look so cute!!!

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  2. Great coat, beautiful smie!
    Sara Campbell
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  3. I love everything about this look! You seem to fit into your surroundings very well!

    Good luck with Dutch! :D

  4. I love the new header for your blog - very artsy! And I totally hear you on not coming off as a tourist - I'm studying abroad next year and apparently that's the number one thing you want to avoid! However, you're looking super cute in this! Love it!


  5. will you get a "currently obsessed" page so we can stalk what you're buying/what you plan to buy?!!!! a lot of bloggers have it & i know you'd have great choices to look at


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