Thursday, September 1, 2011

Technicolor Dress

{Joie dress, Forever 21 belt, J. Crew sandals, Michael Kors watch, gifted pearls and necklace}
I wore this outfit to class on a recent particularly hot day. I absolutely adore how breezy this dress is, and it adds a much-needed dose of color to my wardrobe.

It feels so good to be back in the blogging mode again! 
On a very random note, I'm having a semi-crisis trying to decide (in less than two days) between studying abroad in London or Amsterdam this coming spring. I've had my heart set on London for as long as I can remember, but I've recently had an unexpected change of heart and am now leaning towards Amsterdam. If you feel strongly about either city, do tell! I'm open to any and all advice. 
P.S. Happy September!


  1. Ah! Jealous of BOTH your choice. I've also wanted to go to London for as long as I remember, but I just visited Amsterdam over the summer and FELL IN LOVE. It's an absolutely beautiful city, the people are so amazing and open minded, and if you're they're in the spring you'll have tons of fun biking up and down the canals in crisp, cool weather :) Check out my blog for some instagrams from my trip!

  2. I love and have visited both locations. I see why you are having a hard time. But my biggest reason for picking Amsterdam over London is it's location. You are a train ride away from many other great European cities (PARIS!)

  3. I FEEL VERY STRONGLY THAT YOU CHOOSE LONDON! Except I also feel very strongly that you follow your heart. Just being selfish because I want to play in London together all spring :).

  4. Hello!!! Katherine I LOVE this outfit from head to toe... I studied abroad in London for 5 weeks last summer and while I absolutely loved it. It's a really easy place to immediately feel at home. The shopping- incredible. The food- reaaally really good. The culture- fantastic & always offering something new. The perk about either of these locations is you can travel to either very easily. I personally just love the UK and feel it has so much to offer. You can't go wrong with either choice though!

  5. I've never been to london, I'm desperate to go, so I might choose that. However, I have been to Amsterdam. The culture there is wonderful. Everyone rides bikes, the canals are beautiful, you can eat goat cheese three meals a day...

    So, tough choice.

    Love the dress by the way!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Amsterdam. It seems like it'd be easier to go to London later, without the structure and opportunities that come with a semester abroad, than the reverse.

  7. Go to Amsterdam! It's an unbelievably GORGEOUS area with so much to do and so many things to experience. I was there last March and I'm already planning a trip back. Amsterdam!

  8. Amsterdam! Much much easier to get around for weekend trips to other countries which is DEFINITELY the best part about studying abroad!


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