Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Post: Deanna from Mellow Fever

I'm so excited to be blogging for Katherine! Just to introduce myself, I'm a newly-minted fashion and beauty assistant at MORE magazine and write for my own style blog, Mellow Fever. As a recent college grad, I had to transition my wardrobe from class-ready to magazine-worthy. And, now that we're at the tail end of summer, I have to take my work outfits and get them ready for crisp fall weather without (completely) breaking the bank. Here's how:
You need a little depth with fall style—a pretty dress and pair of sandals alone aren't enough. A fluttery sundress gets a second chance with a dark blazer. The wedges ground the look so that it's not too frou-frou feminine, and a heavy embellished necklace works double-time to play off the brocade of the dress and add a retro feel to the entire ensemble. By including menswear touches and quirky details, the sundress can take you right through October (depending on the temperature, of course).
Colored denim isn't everyone's idea of office-appropriate, but, depending on where you work, you can get away with it if you style it right. Give some fresh air to cobalt capris with some dressy touches: a silk tee, classic (but fun!) ballet flats, and a smart silver watch. How's that going to hold up to cooler temperatures, though? Don't worry—a feminine bow-tied cardigan in dark grey provides warmth and gives it a serious edge. Plus, pairing slate and cobalt is a cheeky twist on the usual taboo of mixing black and navy.
Thanks so much for having me, Katherine!

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  1. Love Deanna's blog and style! I would wear those Bloch flats and that bow-tied sweater all the time this autumn! ;)


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