Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hair Envy

I am no stranger to hair envy. In fact, I get it all the time- on the street, at brunch, in the pages of Vogue- I want everyone's hair but my own! Not that I despise my own head of's just the grass is always greener, you know?

Lately I've especially been loving simple, slightly messy buns and ponytails.
the perfect ballerina bun
plus another tutorial 

a must-try messy ponytail

And the most jealousy-inducing chignon. This photo actually made me want to dye my hair red. Badly. Obsessed with this saturated, fiery color.


  1. I so agree about the last chignon, it's done so beautifully! And btw I just started following your blog, it's great ^_^ xoxo

  2. Hi dear!
    Amazing pics!
    I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  3. I often have hair envy as well...I can never get my hair to look like the ones in these photos.

  4. great photos! amazing pictures i want nice hair!!

    i just came across your blog and i think its great. i hope you will come visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other.

  5. love them all.

  6. I adore all of these hair styles!!!



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