Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yellow Crush

{Madewell tank, Madewell shorts, Madewell sandals, Coach purse, Flea Market Girl necklace}

After many months of waiting, I finally have a new and improved (and most importantly, functional) camera and I could not be more excited to be back to blogging!

We snapped these photos after a trip to the Melrose Trading Post (one of my most favorite Sunday activities). These shorts have been one of my absolute essentials all summer long-- they're breezy and comfortable, but still have a sense of specialness about them. I had never been drawn to neon yellow before, but after picking up these shorts, the hue became the staple color of my summer wardrobe. There's something so unabashedly fun about wearing multiple yellow pieces at once. For more color play, I also wore my favorite cobalt leather sandals and red lipstick.

In other news, I've started up a new Tumblr account, where I plan to post more personal style and fashion inspiration. So much to come!

{instagram @get_dressed}


  1. ADORE this outfit. I've been looking at getting those shoes online-- would you say they fit true to size, too small, etc?
    Congrats on the new camera!!

  2. hi laura! i'm a size 8.5 and i sized down to an 8 (i don't think the shoe comes in half sizes). hope that helps!


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