Wednesday, March 7, 2012


{vintage blazer via Shareen's, Urban Outfitters hat and flannel, J.Crew cords, Madewell boots, Flea Market Girl necklace, MK watch}

To say that I'm getting a little tired of the clothes I have here in Amsterdam is quite the understatement. Although I packed my two suitcases to the absolute brim (space bags were utilized, and I was well over the 50 pound limit), I feel like I have fully exhausted all outfit options-- twice over. Part of the problem is that I really didn't have a lot of cold-weather clothes to begin with; living in Los Angeles, and previously, Austin, doesn't exactly necessitate a warm wardrobe.

But, since I'm pretty much stuck with the clothes I have here, it's time to start putting the powers of re-mixing to work. Now that we're no longer experiencing Siberian temperatures, it's almost bearable to wear, say, a blazer instead of a coat (at least during the peak-warm temperatures of the day, after which I have to retreat to my home to put on another layer), like I did with this outfit. Though I'm by no means a hat person, this accessory was perfect for adding a little something, since I've worn all of the other items excessively since I arrived here. I also tried to mix up as much texture as possible: flannel, tweed, corduroy, and leather. 

The result? An outfit that feels refreshingly new, instead of one that I've put on too many times to count. Plus, it fits in with the androgynous vibe I've been seeing in a lot of the street style here that I have really come to covet. 

P.S. I've gotten quite a few emails regarding my header, which was created by my friend Jessie. She just started her own blog, which showcases her amazing work. You should most definitely click on over to check it out, right here

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  1. That plaid and the blazer are beautiful together!

    And that wall is crazy gorgeous!!

  2. Your outfit looks cute. LOVE that necklace.
    Have fun my dear and may the powers of re-mixing be with you.

  3. What a great blazer!

  4. Love the blazer

  5. Okay, this is one inspiring post!!
    I hope we can be blog friends - following on Bloglovin!!



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