Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Palette

{Urban Outfitters sweater, Madewell silk button-down and necklace, J. Crew pants and shoes, Michael Kors watch}
As I was putting together this outfit, I got just a tad excited about the fact that my shoes and pants are almost exactly the same color. Then I thought about my favorite statement necklace, also in the same color family, and I just couldn't resist putting that on as well. I needed to balance the matchy-ness of those three pieces, so I went with a neutral shirt and sweater. 

As much as I love these sandals, I have to admit, I'm slightly annoyed that it is now November and it's still too hot to wear boots here in LA. Fall, come a little faster, will you?



  1. i have serious outfit envy right now ;) "pinning" this for future inspiration.
    i'm in arizona for the fall and i'm with you, i'm ready for chilly boot weather!

  2. I just found your blog and am looking forward to see what outfits you put together :) Move to Maine: we had snow before Halloween and it's "hot" this week in the 50s. ;)


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